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Class Overview

No matter at what stage you are in your bellydancing 'career' - whether you just want to 'give it a go', keep fit during pregnancy, keep it as a fun hobby or take it to a more professional level we can help!


In Liverpool and Chester we provide drop in weekly classes suitable for all and monthly workshops for that bit more of a challenge!. In Liverpool we also provide an antenatal bellydance course BellyBabes. Please see our current tuition via the drop down menu.


Also just because we focus on Egyptian Belly dance this is not all we do! You will also be introduced to belly dance from Turkey and Lebanon.

Our teachers are also trained performers of other Middle Eastern dances and Folkloric dances.





Q. What can I get out of these classes?

You will not just learn bellydance moves but will have fun and get fit whilst learning about the music, the different dance styles and props for Egyptian bellydance!
Many students find bellydance is beneficial emotionally as well as physically and can gain a lot of confidence in themselves. It is also a great community to be part of- we are a very sociable bunch.


Q. What do I wear to class?

A. We recommend that you wear leggings, jogging pants and tshirt (something comfortable and flexible, tight fitting). Coin belts and hip scarves can be fun and colourful but noisy ones can make hearing the teacher harder!


Q. Do I need to have done any dance before?

A. No previous dance experience is necessary. Drop in Classes and BellyBabes are for beginners and intermediate dancers.


Q. What if I have health problems?

A. We recommend to contact us first. Our teachers will discuss this you. Egyptian bellydance can be a great health benefit and fantastic for your wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.

Liverpool Workshop
Chester Classes
Liverpool Classes
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